This black bear was spotted in the yard of Regatta Bay resident Vyda Adams Tuesday. She told The Log her reaction to seeing the bear was "mixed."

"When I first saw it in my backyard I thought it was a Newfoundland, but no one in the neighborhood has a dog like that. Looking closer, we realized it was a black bear. It was turning the corner to go along the side of the house, so I grabbed my phone and went outside, figuring to stand in my van to get a view over the bushes. Heard some rustling and suddenly my son said 'he's right behind you.' I turned and he was about 4-feet away. We stared at each other for a minute and he turned and started walking away."

"I was surprised how quickly and quietly he came around the cars. Kind of like you hear about bears doing during a hunt. He seemed to be more curious and not at all aggressive By the way, bears have brown eyes."

Black bear sightings in Destin have been somewhat common over the past month, with a bear touring the city in late October, with spottings ranging from Old Time Pottery and Another Broken Egg to Target and Indian Bayou.