Destinites have seen their doughnut options dwindle as of late — at least for the next few weeks. As with tradition, the owners and staff at the Donut Hole are taking a little break, closing the beloved eatery until Dec. 20.

Down the road a few miles to the east, doughnut lovers won't be seeing the blinking "Hot Doughnuts Now" sign at Krispy Kreme until at least mid-January as the bakery is closed for renovation.

“That’s one way to help the winter weight gain — no dunts,” Angie Hilderbrand posted on The Destin Log’s Facebook page.

Other readers pointed out that the Publix bakery provides an “awesome” alternative. Those with a doughnut fix can also still cross the county line and hit the Dunkin Donuts in Miramar Beach, which opened its doors in August.