Mattís Take:

The Super Bowl is almost as American as apple pie and Tom Petty.

With the championship game coming to us from New Jersey this year, which should say enough about the game already, the Super Bowl committee announced that itís taking game day safety to the next level.

There will be no tailgating this year, unless you can fit your entire tailgating rig into the dimensions of a single parking space, which includes your car.

No tailgating? Are you crazy? What the hell is the NFL thinking?

Oh, and I forgot to mention that you also cannot walk to the Super Bowl, you cannot be dropped off, or you cannot fly a personal helicopter and land on the field.

Donít worry, the decision wasnít made easily, Iím sure. We all know the NFL is about making money, and what better way to do it than to eliminate parking lot fare?

If you canít eat in the parking lot, you are more likely to spend $10 on a hotdog, $12 on a beer and $10 on some crumbled chips covered in canned cheese sauce parading as ďnachos.Ē

Itís American capitalism at its finest.

Why not take advantage of the average Joe thatís already willing to part with $1,000 on a ticket to the biggest game of the year?

Sure, it sounds wretched. But the NFL is a business and they are protecting their bottom line. If you could hold the biggest party of the year in your backyard and charge a ridiculous entrance fee, wouldnít you do the same?

I mean, come on. It totally makes sense.

Remember, this is the NFL we are talking about. They donít call it the No Fun League without good merit.

Hurray for the American Dream!


Andrewís Take:

Iím having a really hard time defending my city of residence.

Super Bowl XLVIII, in New York/New Jersey, is already arriving with unprecedented skepticism (weather), why drive the nail into the coffin? Especially when other northern, outdoor venues would like to host the worldís largest annual, televised event.

According to the gameís CEO, Al Kelly, there will be no tailgating.

No grilling. No tossing the pigskin. NO DRINKING.

ďAndrew, itís really sad that you feel that itís necessary to become intoxicated for these activities.Ē

Yeah, so what? I demand a few drinks before I walk into a football game.

Enough of this culture where Americans are victimized by an inability to control their actions. Yes, I know that alcoholism is real, and I understand that certain people are more medically predisposed to chemical dependencies. But some of us do not suffer from such a condition, and maintain the ability to appropriately communicate when ďunder-the-influence.Ē

Whether you like it or not, drinking is a part of Americaís most popular sport. Thatís just how it works.

And if you canít drink outside your vehicle, you canít drink until you enter the game, because drinking inside you vehicle is illegal.

Financially, I get it. A New York City Super Bowl comes with logistical implications that no other city has to consider. And without cooperation from the transportation departments of both states, this unique venue would not have been feasible. The states of New York and New Jersey have no real financial repercussions if the Super Bowl attendees do not have a pleasant time.

Also, it makes sense, that Kelly would prevent fans from consuming alcoholic beverages in the parking lot, so that they spend more money inside MetLife.

But, there has to be a line drawn. This is THE game where your ďpatriotĒ button should be pressed.

Positive fan experience equals more money for everyone.