Destin became a winter wonderland with temperatures dipping well below freezing late Monday night and into Tuesday.

Larry Beat, the city's planning department administrative assistant, told The Log Tuesday's low temperature was 19.1 degrees at 7:40 a.m., while the low wind chill came in at 7.6 degrees at 8:20 a.m.

Based on historical weather data, cold temperatures in Destin are somewhat hard to track. A representative from the National Weather Service in Mobile said the data they have goes back to 1996, and between then and now the lowest temperature they had on file for the Destin area is 23 degrees.

While sites such as WeatherUnderground list temperatures as low as 19 degrees in 2003 and an all-time low of 6 degrees, the NWS is skeptical of those figures.

"There's not much data, and not enough high-quality data," the representative said.

As the temperatures began to rise Tuesday, Scott Hobbs, the owner of Mr. Rooter of Northwest Florida, told The Log their phones lines had been busy.

"We are getting a lot of calls that pipes are frozen, but we can't do a lot about it until they thaw out," he said. "The dramatic day is going to be Wednesday."