Our forefathers are weeping
Because of what they see;
Our leaders are changing America
From what it was meant to be.
They are ignoring our Constitution
That has set us worlds apart,
Cause they are Socialist-minded
With Muslim sympathies in their heart.
They want to snuff out our individualism
O that we’re all the same;
Trying to redistribute our wealth
And while doing it, have no shame.
They mesmerize our youth
With words they want to hear;
Who, not realizing, are being subverted
And how close our demise is near.
It’s only through our elections
Which our forefathers gave,
That will restore our America
And keeps us from the grave.
Our forefathers are praying
That our changes will come soon,
So they can stop weeping
And again see America bloom.

Sam Lombardo is a World War II veteran and Destin resident.