Perhaps our favorite question online came from Kibbie Marie Finn. "If we do get some significant snow... What would be the best hill in Destin for sledding/sliding?" Readers had plenty of suggestions.

Andy Avery: The bridge over East Pass when they close it, LOL.

Timothy Mahar: Big empty retention ponds

Kurt Rieper: Hose a street... SLIP AND SLIDE! Who's up for a "Block(ICE) Party"?!?!

Chuckster Lehnen: My question is where do I purchase two sleds for my kids ?

Kibbie Marie Finn: I don't have any real sleds, but we sure have some rafts and floats and boogie boards that I bet would work great! Go visit Alvin's Island and get creative!

Alicia Rose: Use trash can covers or cardboard!

Gail Smith: Sledding Hills, Destin, NOT

Mary Baker Hills: In Destin? It's flat land, and no sledding on the dunes. When I was a kid in Michigan, we'd sit inside black garbage bags and "sled" down the slope in our driveway. Find a driveway with a slope, maybe a curve. Sledding on a budget, or for those Florida kids who don't have sleds in the storage room.

Leigh Riewold: I've seen hilly areas in Destin when I was visiting there

Kurt Rieper: Mt. Destiny... It's on Scenic 98 just east of Crab Trap!

Nancy Miller: Go out to Blue Mountain Beach

Phillip Webster: The driveway off 98 down to AJ's and Boathouse Oyster Bar.

Pamela Donald Feldhake: Sorry to ruin the sled idea, but you need many inches of snow to sled. You should probably go to the sand dunes and go LOL!

Allison Harden: Hmmmmm I think we can take the find off our paddle boards and use them! LOL!

Anne Mosley: Azalea & Mountain Drive.

Matthew Hughes: The dry retention pond next to the Destin Dog Park is where I'd be heading.

Mike Lewis Jml: Zerbe Street behind McGuire's.