Mattís Take:

With the NFL in full swing and chaos reigning in college football, there has been little time to think about any other sport, except when I take a few minutes out of each day to curse the NHL for its current lockout.

Now that itís Monday and I have some time to sort through the weekend, letís turn our attention to the MLB playoffs, which have provided some entertaining games already.

Sure, itís probably a bit late for predictions, but here we go.

While LSU, FSU, and Georgia fans saw their teams get dumped over the weekend, which featured a total of nine ranked teams lose, Justin Verlander and Brandon Phillips were leading their teams to victory.

For my fellow baseball fans that were passionately glued to their video picture boxes Saturday, you were treated to a preview of the two teams that will duke it out for the World Series trophy ó the Detroit Tigers and the Cincinnati Reds.

The 2012 World Series would be a rematch of the 1940 Fall Classic, which was won by the Reds in seven games. Fast forward to 2012 and both teams are up 2-0 in their respective series, and donít look like they will be turning back.

Sure, I could have picked the Yankees or the defending champion St. Louis Cardinals, but that would be the sexy pick, not the smart one.

With Verlander on the mound, Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder, the Tigers have too much firepower for the Reds, but donít think this series will go down without a fight.

Iíve been impressed with the way the Reds have been playing ball, but they might be a year or two away from the ultimate prize still.
Sorry Reds fans, your sixth championship will have to wait, Tigers take the title in six games.

Andrewís take:

Well Iím already wrong, as far as my pre-season prediction goes, thanks to the Texas-sized collapse of the Rangers.

That run is over. The window is gone. Bye bye Josh Hamilton.

And Iíve been all about that team for three years now, because theyíve never won, and I love parity. So Iím very disappointed.

But thereís still reason to watch baseball this October. It seems like the whole country is getting behind the Washington Nationals. Theyíre the underdogs and thatís great for baseball.

This year, especially, is giving sports fans more reasons to watch than usual. Three of the teams that are left are in very rare contention. (Oakland Athletics, Baltimore Orioles and Cincinnati Reds)

But it wonít last.

I mean Iíll keep watching, because Iíve got a legitimate, American sport addiction; but the New York Yankees are the favorites, again. How freaking boring.

Everyone needs to watch, though. Between these three teams, there is a huge chance for at least one upset series.

Hereís what I see happeningÖ

The Yankees will trounce the Orioles, and the Tigers will plow through the Athletics, setting up a very unoriginal American League Championship Series.

But Iím more optimistic about the National League. The Reds wonít be tested in the divisional series; but, if the Nationals can make it past the Cardinals, I will be glued to the National League Championship Series.

I donít think the Reds can be stopped by the Nationals, though, which will set up a definite David v. Goliath. And everyone whoís not already aligned with the Yankees will be pulling for Cinci.

And now Iím in New York, one short train transfer away from the Bronx. If someone besides the Cardinals makes it to the World Series against the Yankees, Iím going to buy a ticket.

If anyone wants to join, holler. The Yankees are going to win, so it will be fun to see.