A poem by Elaine Mendelson of New Jersey


We’ve just left the wonders of Destin

The white sands and emerald sea

To once again return to the north

And live out the year hopefully.


March is here with her wind and her rain

And whatever she chooses to bring

The grass is still brown, the trees are bare,

Let’s hope for an early spring.


Spring arrives and reminds us of Destin,

With warmth, blue skies and much sun.

The days are longer, our souls feel stronger,

We look forward to times filled with fun.


Summer is here, the boat’s in the water

We play well into the night

Friends come to visit, and family too,

Destin seems far out of sight.


A cool wind blows and then one that’s cold,

Halloween, Thanksgiving and a flurry.

Soon it’s Christmas, our souls are longing

To get out of town in a hurry.


We’re counting the miles and look forward to smiles

From friends we’ve made — they’re so nice.

Destin’s getting closer, the breezes are warmer,

Soon we’ll be in paradise.


Again on the Emerald Coast, this calls for a toast

Our winter has just begun

Thank God our blessings, we gather with friends

And raise our glasses to the setting sun.