When I was a new bride 52 years ago and a promising actress starring on Broadway and playing major TV roles, my husband told me that God was not going to be concerned with how successful I was as an actress, but whether I fulfilled my marital commitment as a wife and mother.

That hit me like a load of bricks as I had always believed God would judge me at the end of my life. I married the strongest Catholic man I knew and would have jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge for him, so I gave up my career. With four children and 14 grandchildren, I have no regrets. There is nothing more joyous than loving grandchildren, not to mention the gift of taking part with God in the creation of a human life.

God knew I liked an audience and opened the door to a tough one. For 35 plus years I have been active in the pro-life movement in California, Oregon and here in Florida. My eyes have long been opened to ďThe Culture of DeathĒ that has brainwashed not only our youth, but also the generation prior to them.

Over these years, I have brought post-abortion women into schools and youth groups to share the aftermath of this traumatic experience ó drugs, alcohol, depression, suicidal thoughts, dreams of bloody babies and guilt. They all have similar stories but they share Godís inexhaustible love, mercy and healing. They inspire their audience to forgive others as God has, through the blood of His Son on the cross, forgiven them.

The Guttmacher Institute states that seven in 10 women who obtain an abortion had a religious affiliation. Can it be after 41 years of government-approved killing of our most innocent, defenseless human beings, we Christians have become apathetic and indifferent to infanticide?

Every Christian denomination forbade contraception before 1960. Since then the floodgates have been opened and we have more and more divorce, promiscuity, pornography and abortion.  Although my pastor addresses the subject regularly, I have asked various Christians how many times they have heard a pastor speak on the subject and the answers vary from not at all to maybe four times in 41 years.

I think we are accountable to God to love our neighbor as ourselves, and that includes defending defenseless human beings before birth, even if we are ridiculed, unpopular and persecuted.

Parents donít even know if their grandchildren are being aborted, as teens can buy the Plan B pill or other birth control pills, without their permission, not to mention having an abortion without their knowledge. Are not parents the primary educators of their children? If a parent has had regrets do they want their child to repeat their history? Children will respect honesty and their bond will grow closer to them if the parents share their painful choice and mistakes. 

Many pro-lifers have gone to prison just for praying in front of abortion clinics. Their experience was very positive as they were able to share Jesusí love with those who thought no one could love them. God does not look at our successes, but also our efforts for His precious pre-born children.

The March for Life in Washington every January on the anniversary of legalized abortion includes many women who regret their abortions and men who regret their lost fatherhood. Our country is realizing we will be accountable if we do not try to stop the 64 percent of desperate mothers who are being coerced into killing their own flesh and blood against their will. Who funds this killing?

See the long list at www.fightpp.org and stop supporting them. Students for Life of America are on more than 700 campuses nationwide. They believe they are the generation that ends this genocide. My prayers and support are with them. May God give us courage to join them in prayers and sacrifices. There is a peace and often joy in reaching out to our youth and others wounded by Satanís lies and embracing them with Jesusí unconditional love.

Barbara Lord Warburton, a Destin resident, represents the Pro Life Speakers Bureau of Okaloosa/Walton Counties. For more information contact Corpus Christi Catholic Church 850-654-5422