The mingling of Destin's beaches and spring breakers is in full swing. As they dig their toes into the sand, the college students have also taken to Twitter to share their Destin spring break experiences. Here's a few of the tweets.


Hazy Haze: Bought alcohol well ahead of other necessary supplies...#beer #tequila #inebriationweek #Destin #springbreak

Corey Beach: Skip the hotel and went straight to the beach. #destin #florida #springbreak @ Destin, Florida

ColtonDooley: couldn't care less about the next 5 days #springbreak #destin

Jimmy T: They ain't READDDDY!! #Destin #SB2014

Colleen Ryan: Day 1 and night number 2 was a success! #destin #sb2014

Sarah Kate: It's going to be warmer in Clemson tomorrow than it will be the entire time I'm in Destin for spring break #cool #punnotintended

Drew Johnston: A week from today I plan to be passed out face first in the sand in Destin. Hurry up spring break

Kristen Bussell: Everyone in Destin is 21 and with their frat or sorority and I'm just over here like "Hey. I'm 26 and drinking with my parents" #dreamlife

Joseph Toups: I can't even wear a Destin shirt and look frat cause people out here don't know what Destin is #struggle

Lauren Billington: If you're going to Destin, and you don't have a fraternity/sorority sticker on your car, you're doing it wrong.

Whitney Bruneau: Just found out @melaniemeador ordered 4 pizzas to the beach in Destin last year because "she wanted to make friends"...