Kentucky boys, Kris Bentley and Nick Jamerson of Sundy Best are not your ordinary country duo. The two offer a simple yet authentic flavor of country music that harkens back to the good ole' days, while bringing with it the life and vigor of today.

"We're kind of old school, country rock, with hints of bluegrass and pop in there as well," said Bentley, the singer/songwriter. "It’s just a guitar, and a cajón, but it will be high energy — something you’ve never seen before."

The duo from small town Prestonsburg, Ky., are childhood friends whose musical journey began in the church pews, long before the band launched in 2010.

"We've always been in and around music since an early age in church," Bentley said.

The band’s name actually originated from those young days, as Bentley explained, "It kind of goes back to the church thing. We spelled it the way we say it back home, Sundy, Mondy, Tuesdy…"

Drawing inspiration from Bob Seeger, Tom Petty, and The Eagles, the two have taken their music to a new level as they have played at the Grand Ole' Opry in Nashville three times, and shared a stage with the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Darius Rucker. Earlier this month the state of Kentucky even decreed the band's second album release date, March 4, as 'Sundy Best Day.'

The duo writes all of their own music and lyrics, with songs exclusively about their own real-life events.

"On our first record that we put out, the inspiration came from where we're from — our childhood, high school memories and everyday life," Bentley told The Log, "I think that carries on through the things we go through from a day to day basis." 

The band has a distinctive Southern family feel to them as well, as they call their fans “kinfolk,” and try to keep their followers connected and involved with everything they are doing.

"It's just a family oriented term that's used a lot where we're from," said Bentley. "It doesn't necessarily mean blood related; it's used for the type of family relationships you have with friends."

Although Bentley has been to Destin once before for an impromptu one-day vacation, he told The Log that this is the first time the band will be here together to perform.

"We hope everybody will come out," Bentley said, "We are just excited to be doing what we've always dreamed of doing; we want to do this for the rest of our career and help touch other people's lives."


Sundy Best will be at Harbor Docks Thursday, March 20 at 8 p.m. The show is free and open to all ages.