Mattís Take:

Thankfully the NCAA brackets came out today.

I could only take sitting on the couch, watching Naked and Afraid for so long. I needed something to do ≠ó so filling out my brackets was just what the doctor ordered.

Donít expect there to be a huge shocker, courtesy of Wichita State. They may be one of the tourneyís No. 1 seeds and finished the season undefeated, but thereís no National Championship in store for this Cinderella team.

I just submitted my bracket through ESPN. Unfortunately I donít think Iím going to win Warren Buffetís billion-dollar bracket challenge.

So who makes my Final Four? Iíve got two No. 1 seeds (Florida and Arizona) and two No. 4 seeds (Michigan State and Louisville).  Sparty wins it all, by the way.

Watching Naked and Afraid, I see a similarity to March Madness. Sure, thereís nobody naked on a deserted island trying to survive on bugs and dirty water, but if you think about it, March Madness is like a test of survival.

They must survive the dangers that lurk around corner, whether itís a Florida Gulf Coast, Lehigh, or the likes of Butler.

Itís hard not to think about the 2011 run of Virginia Commonwealth or George Mason in 2006. These are the teams that bracket busters dream of nightly.

But Iím not worried about these smaller schools busting my bracket. Iíd be shocked if my Final Four predictions didnít stick like glue.

I may be a bit confident, but for all I know my bracket will be a bust after the first week.

But that's the fun of March Madness ó you never know what's going to happen.

So sit back, enjoy a frosty adult beverage and let the magic happen. I never thought I'd say this, but let's go Sparty!


Andrewís Take:

Yeah, great, the Florida Gators are the No. 1 team in the tournament. Too bad itís not played in Gainesville. They might actually fill the OíConnell Center.

And yes, Iím bitter that the top ranked team in the country hails from such a crappy basketball town. (Gator fans stink. They have no idea how lucky they are, to have a team that could win a national championship every year.)

Actually, I donít think ďluckĒ has anything to do with it. There has to be some very shiesty stuff (player benefits) going on to land that kind of talent. Who cares if your school canít attract 12,000 fans, as long as those paydays keep coming.

Iím also bitter that I wonít be watching my alma mater, Marquette, play in the tournament for the first time in nine years.

I really wish I had another episode of True Detective waiting on me Sunday night, to take my mind of my schoolís mediocrity, but Iíve got to wait until January.

Anyways, enough stalling. Ready for my picks?

Iím feeling bold. How about, ďNo No. 1 or No. 2 seeds will make the Final Four.Ē

If Florida makes it to the Elite Eight, they canít get past Kentucky or Syracuse. I pick Syracuse, the Southís 3 seed.

I donít even think Virginia will make it past the Sweet 16. Iíve got the 4 seed, Michigan State, taking the East.

Arizona isnít the same group of Wildcats that we remember. I think Creighton is ready to make a run in the West, another 3 seed.

And last to the party, from the Midwest, will be Duke, as a 3. What? You thought it was going to be Wichita State?

After that, the Orange will beat the Spartans and the Bluejays will defeat the Blue Devils.

I learned a long time ago, put your money on Boeheim, and thatís what Iím doing. Syracuse hoists that crystal basketball.

Yo, Warren, you can start filling out that billion-dollar check right now.