The women of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were entertained and inspired Feb. 22 by a production of Women at the Well by Robert Cope.

Women were catalysts for many of the New Testament’s most spiritually poignant moments. A women’s choir, orchestra and soloists drawn from talent throughout the Fort Walton Beach Stake told the story of Jesus’ influence on the women of the New Testament and the Book of Mormon. Among them Mary and Martha, sisters of Lazarus whom Jesus brought back to life after being dead for more than four days; the woman who touched his garment and was healed; his own mother Mary; and the young girl who was “His miracle” when he brought her back from the dead.

Mandy, from the Niceville Ward, portrayed a Nephite from the Book of Mormon and held a tiny newborn in her arms while she sang with the choir and during her solo. The musical portrayals of these women by the many soloists were very touching, leaving many in the audience with tears as they felt the spirit touch their hearts.

The cultural hall was decorated appropriately with pitchers of varying shapes and colors and sizes on the tables and on the stage. A meal of chicken curry with rice, fresh fruit, nuts and olives was served to the 175 ladies who attended from as far away as DeFuniak Springs. 

The program was part of the annual Women’s Conference presented by the FWB Stake Relief Society, led by the presidency of Cheryl Price, Debbie Anderson and Annette Roberts. This organization was established March 17, 1842, to care for the infirm and the needy and the tradition continues today, here and throughout the world.

All the wards (congregations) attending shared responsibilities for the meal preparation and cleanup. The Niceville Ward, under the direction of Valerie Bidstrup, a BYU music major who grew up singing and performing with her sisters, was in charge of the musical program.