The Destin Rockets brought home a victory from a Lacrosse tournament in Daphne, Ala. last weekend.

The Destin U-13 Boys defeated Ocean Springs 9-3.

In the first half, Destin jumped out to a 5-0 lead with Scott Giulianos immediately pressing the Ocean Springs for a goal. A flawless pass came from behind the goal by Paxton Fell to Tyler Kersanac for a picture perfect goal. Kersanac kept the momentum up and made another goal. The offense continued the pressure with J.D. Tebbetts sinking another goal followed by Mitchell Holt scoring for Destin. 

In the second half, Ocean Springs came back and was able to get two goals in before Destin rebounded.  

Kersanac made a drive down the center scoring for Destin. Fell received a pass from the side and drove the ball past the goalie for a point. Holt dominated the crease and scored for Destin. 

 Ocean Springs had a fast break for a point, but Destin came back again after the face-off. Cameron Anderson scored with help from attack players Sailor Anderson and Ryan Tuper. Lucas Gauch played goalie and was able to stop six strong attempts at the goal. 

Earlier in the tournament, Destin's U-13 lost to the Bayhawks 6-2.

At the half, the Destin Rockets trailed 5-1. Scott Giulianos scored the only goal for Destin with an assist from Cameron Anderson.

In the second half, Destin's Lucas Gauch charged the field to score with an assist from Sailor Anderson. Finn Burch a new midfielder made several attempt to advance for a point.

The Destin defenders only allowed one point in the second half.

The Destin U-15 Boys lost 4-1 to the Bayhawks.

Destin trailed 3-0 at the half, despite of six saves from Destin goalie Collin Kaufman.

In the second half, Destin allowed only one point with the help of the defenders Cameron Anderson, Rhett Robinson and Joey Albert. Tyler Kersanac scored for Destin with an assist from Mitchell Holt.