Mattís Take:

Maybe itís because I canít stand the Florida Gators, but does anyone else outside of Gainesville really believe that the Gators are the second best team in the country?

The BCS computers must have some serious malware or virus issues after they spit out the seasons first set of rankings.

Or maybe the BCS employee who is supposed to plug the numbers hasnít watched Oregon play a game? No matter the mistake, itís only a matter of time before the Gators lose and the Ducks move into their rightful position at No. 2.

Looking at the current rankings, thereís no doubt in my mind that Alabama is the best team in the county and deserving of the No. 1 ranking, but the rest of the rankings, Iím not so sure.

Sure, you can say that Oregon hasnít played anybody, or that the SEC is just the ďsuperiorĒ conference, but Iím not buying it. Stick the Ducks in the SEC and Iím sure they could beat the likes of Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, and the Jekyll and Hide Tigers of LSU.

Iíll have to agree with Andrew that No. 4 Kansas State should be one spot ahead, with the Gators coming in at the five spot.

At No. 5, we have the Fighting Irish.

Do I really believe they are the fifth best team in the country? No. My Buckeyes, who arenít in the BCS due to being on probation, would lay a beat down on the Golden Domers.

So, my original prediction is way off, but hey, we all make mistakes.

My revamped prediction has Alabama meeting up with Oregon.

Sorry SEC, but the Ducks are ending your reign as National Champions.

Andrewís take:

The SECís on top. Weird.

I know Iím preaching to the choir, and I actually sound like a broken record, but I still cannot understand how people with brains, even the sort that medical professionals would consider ďfunctional,Ē could argue that the Southeastern Conference has any competition.

Considering the last seven seasons, including Sundayís release of 2012ís initial BCS standings, how could you say otherwise?
Alabama and Florida are No. 1 and No. 2 ó the way it should be.

Before the weekend, I had come to terms with that notion that voters would not allow the top two spots to be appropriately assigned.

But I was proven wrong, and Iím glad I was.

The fallout of the new rankings is going to be on the behalf of Oregon, again. The Ducks are undefeated, and everyone outside of Dixie will be wearing green and yellow this week. I donít even think they actually believe, deep down, that Oregon is better than Florida. They just do this out of habit.

Theyíve literally played nobody. And I doubt theyíll survive a mediocre schedule.

No. 4 in the BCS is Kansas State, who is probably more deserving of the No. 3 spot with a big win over Oklahoma. And the rest of their schedule is cake walk-ish. Iím just not sure if theyíre good enough to survive.

And then, here come the Irish. Itís been a freaking decade since the Domers were a factor, but it looks like they have a legitimate chance to make a run to Miami. With the hardest schedule in the country, theyíve remained perfect.

The top five are the only teams with a chance at this point. Florida will lose to Alabama, if not someone else first. Then between Oregon, Kansas State and Notre Dame, Iíll take the Irish.

But this is all moot. We should just give Alabama the crystal football today.