After working in real estate on the Emerald Coast for more than eight years, Destin resident Lisa Snuggs decided to open her own real estate group.

“We are going to be the hardest working, most ethical real estate company in Destin,” said Snuggs.

Snuggs told The Log she wanted to create her own real estate company in order for her to be able to have a little more money to give back to the community.

“Our families will prosper, our churches will prosper, our communities will prosper. We all give back,” said Snuggs. “We work hard. We play hard. We share.”

She invited her team to join her, but she made sure they all really thought about this business decision. She hand picked her employees, explaining that she will not hire anyone with questionable morals. She did this to ensure that her team represents the ethical qualities she believes a real estate agent should have.

“My crew has done some really great things with their money. You know, charity, church, community, and  I wanted to make sure a little bit more money went into their pockets,” Snuggs said.

But she focused on her team's morals and ethics to help her customers as well.

“This is the biggest investment of people’s lives,” said Snuggs.

Snuggs wanted to make sure her team was truly helping her clients, and she understands the cost of purchasing real estate because she just did it herself. She purchased the office she and her team are working out of.

“It is scary to put this much on the line,” said Snuggs. “This is it. Failure is not an option.”

She decided to name her group after herself because she said she believes that the name is recognized and is unusual. She didn’t want to call it something that would blend in with the other names around the area.

“I figure it is best to just say who you are and what you do,” Snuggs said.

And with the advice of her mentor and friend, recently retired local real estate agent Jean Floyd, Snuggs hopes in the next 10 years to grow her new group and take up many more units along the 225 Main Street office strip.

“I am excited about growing the business. I am excited about bringing name recognition and putting the honest and ethical qualities we have as a group behind it,” Snuggs said.