The Log recently ran a story about speeding issues, according to a Destin City Councilman, along the newly paved Kelly Street. Here's what people on our Facebook page had to say about the potential problem.

Robert Morey: Patrol it more. The corner of Kelly and Benning is an accident waiting to happen. Nobody stops at the corner. This is a school zone.

Lora Howard McAllister: Really !? Speed humps! Been trying to get those on Mountain Dr. Between Benning and Beach for years now! 25 mph and they do 40-50 mph! The trucks tonnage is ignored as well!

Harold Dawson: Accidents on 98 would be significantly reduced if the speed limits were enforced by more ticketing.

Mike Lewis Jml: I would think the speed bumps would solve this problem. What difference does it make if it is a "feeder street for hurricanes"? It is a speed bump, not a blockade. I live off of Calhoun and anything nearby to remind people that these streets are running through neighborhoods and are not your "quick" back road options to "cut through" when 98 is at a stand still would be ideal! There are kids playing, people riding bikes, folks running & walking, pet owners walking their dogs and a few seeing & hearing impaired residents in these neighborhoods. People driving 45-50 mph deserve to be ticketed and to bottom out on speed bumps. The speed bumps that are on Beach Drive are ideal for a few of these roads seeing as how most people are ignoring the speed limits. I wish the OCSO could spare a few deputies to post up at prime travel times to ticket some of these people flying down these streets.

Kasey McConnell: Speed bumps! We could use them in Kell Aire as well!

Mary Helen Cherry Ready: I live on Kelly. The street has become a speedway, especially for cars blasting loud music. The drivers can't hear us screaming at them to slow down. Many neighbors have small children. Some drivers use the bike lane as if it were just part of the road. My yard man mowing near the mailbox was hit by a driver in the bike lane. She just honked her horn at him and drove off without stopping

Matt Bryan: How about they worry about the roads Destin water users are tearing up and leaving un repaired and full of sand that washes away leaving giant wheels destroying holes for us to drive on?

Bill Pawelczyk: The speed limit should be lowered on 98 to 45 mph just like it is coming from Pensacola.