After complaints and Facebook posts of items left on the beach at night, the city of Destin decided to enforce two ordinances to keep our beaches clean. As of July 24, locals and visitors alike must remove all items from the beach before the next morning.

“We pull them [the items left on the beach overnight] out very early in the morning and store them in our city public works compound,” said Doug Rainer, city of Destin Public Information Manager.

This ordinance duo gives the city permission to remove any and all articles left behind in a city park.

But these ordinances are not new. In fact, they passed originally in 1989, but Rainer reported that the city decided to begin enforcing the ordinances because of two factors—the items left proved problematic for the routine cleanings of the beach and the items interfered with turtle nests.

“Over time, it has become a problem,” said Rainer.

Still, keeping your items off the beach is not totally new for the area. On county-managed beaches, a similar ordinance has been in place for a while for similar reasons.

On county beaches, beachgoers are prohibited from leaving items on the beach from midnight to 7:30 a.m.

“It is pretty standard,” said Okaloosa County Public Information Officer Kathy Newby. “So far, this has certainly worked well.”

If an item of your was picked up off a city beach, you can retrieve within a week after calling (850)837-4242. For more information, visit the city’s website at