In September 2014, the property owners along Regions Way asked the city to repair the pothole-covered driving path to their homes and businesses. But the city declined to spend tax-payer money on a private road.

Now, almost a full year later, Regions Way has made its way back onto the Destin City Council’s agenda. This time, the road might be able to be repaired, and the city may gain a new public road.

“We are very happy the road could be fixed,” said Tracie Martin, owner of the CAM Firm, LLC, which manages the Villages of Crystal Beach, a community along Regions Way.

Still, the city cannot just take over a road in the condition this path is in. According to Doug Rainer, the city's public information manager, the property owners of the Villages of Crystal Beach, which are the affected owners, are petitioning the council for a special assessment. The assessment, which is essentially an extra tax paid by the affected owners, would pay for the needed repairs on the road.

Once the system is set up to pay for these repairs, and the actual work is completed, the city could take control of the roadway. From that point forward, the city would be responsible for all maintenance on Regions Way.

However, this process only begins if the city council votes to accept the petition at its meeting on Aug. 3 at 6 p.m. in the Annex Council Chambers.

“If they vote no, I guess we will regroup and come up with a plan B,” said Martin.