It wouldn’t seem that a working knowledge of puns, alliteration or just clever use of the words “sea” and “shore” are required for managing rental properties on the beach.

But it’s a big help.

“It’s very important,” said Richard Olivarez, director of marking for Ocean Reef Resorts. “We try to keep them unique and individual.”

Olivarez said the marketing team will typically brainstorm and research for about an hour on a name for a rental property. The team has even thought about taking the task to social media in the future to get public input.

Names usually take into consideration its location, search engine optimization and special amenities.

“For instance, we named one rental Beach Basket since it had a full basketball court,” he said. “It’s a fun part of the business.”

Package deal

Sometimes, the name comes with the house. When Joe Godar was looking for property in the Destin area, he came across TabagoSun. The name stems from a Caribbean Island.

Godar, who has a vacation rental business in Ohio, said the name did make an impact on his home search — even if it was just a little bit.

“The original owners had already made a nameplate, so we’ve embraced it — it’s become like a brand,” he said.

The house has its own website bearing its name and has proven to be a good buy since it’s been booked through most of the peak season.

“It’s just a hit,” he said.

Sometimes, those pre-determined names aren’t the best choices. One property in Destin is actually named Beach House, Olivarez said.

“When people call to say ‘We want to rent the beach house,’ it can be hard to know what they want,” he admitted.

Listen to the music

When all else fails, you can always opt for a song lyric.

When Jon Riddle purchased his Destin property, named Changes in Latitude after the Jimmy Buffet song of the same name, he saw no need to change it.

“I work in software development. Marketing couldn’t be further from my wheelhouse,” he said laughing.

The Jimmy Buffet brand perfectly encapsulates the vacation mood of the Emerald Coast. Not only is the musician a regular visitor, but his two chain restaurants — Margaritaville and Cheeseburger in Paradise are within miles of the home.

“The song fits the’s laid back and it’s just a catchy name,” said the Indiana resident.

When Richard Sexton built his Seaside home in the late 1980s, he knew that one of his first things he had to do was name his beach abode.

“Back then, you couldn’t have a cottage without naming it — that goes back to my family’s beach home in Inlet Beach in the 1950s,” he said.

Sexton didn’t want to choose a name that was “overly sentimental or overly cute.”

“I wanted it to be a little out of the box,” he said. “And I wanted it to present good vibrations.”

So he went to the psychology books and decided on the name Pleasure Principal.

“It’s a pop psychology concept,” he said. “It’s the instinctive drive to seek pleasure and avoid pain.”

He chose to replace “principle” with “principal” as a way to refer to principality — and perhaps give a royal spin to the Seaside home.

Sexton shifts his time between his homes in New Orleans and Seaside. His grown daughters Adrianne and Claire like to visit Pleasure Principal as well.

“There is no better mantra for a perfect vacation than seeking pleasure and avoiding pain,” he said.

Go for laughs

The words “sea” and “shore” are commonly used in clever ways to name rental units. So it would seem that it wouldn’t take long for someone to have even more fun with the words.

Among other clever uses of the word “sea” for rentals on Navarre Beach, which include SeaEsta and We’ll See, perhaps one of the most unique is LunaSea.

“I think it stands out,” said Jackie Sims of Mermaid Mansion, who manages the property. “People like to say ‘Oh, I’m staying at LunaSea.’ It’s intriguing. It’s fun.”

Sims said she flips through old copies of “Coastal Living” for inspiration when it comes to naming a new property.

Since opening the property management business in 2006, she said it’s not always easy to be so unique.

“We have two units called Sand Castle,” she said. “Other common names are Sandy Feet, Oasis or Beachcomber.”

But when you get the right name, it not only draws attention, but can serve as a souvenir.

“You’ll sometimes find signs with your beach house name. It commemorates your trip.”


Names that make you do a double-take

Once you start taking notice of the unique beach house names, you’ll start to look for more.



Cotton Candy

Changes in Latitude

Giggling Marlin

After Dunes Delight



South Walton

JoBoken Dunes (Dunes of Seagrove)

Fish Tales (Seaside)

Royal Flush (Dune Allen Beach)

Group Therapy (Seaside)

Pleasure Principal (Seaside)

Love Monkey (Seaside)

A Site for Shore Eyes (Dune Allen Beach)

Hurrah! (Seaside)

Lone Star Fish (Seaside)

Wat Away (Seaside)

Shady Lady (Seaside)

Navarre Beach

We’ll Sea


Grandkid’s House


Seven Saturdays


Names that give you Deja Vu

Sometimes it’s tough to be original.

Southern Comfort

Paradise Found

Sandy Bottoms

Sand Dollar

Just in Thyme

Beach Haven


Rentals galore in Emerald Coast

Searching for that perfect beach house is like looking for a needle in a haystack...or in this case a mound of sand.

With more than 20,000 rental beach units from Santa Rosa County to Walton County there’s more than enough to choose from, which is why a cute name might help you settle the deal.

Here’s the number of rental units in each county:

Santa Rosa County: With just one small beach community to visit(Navarre Beach)there are 2,620 units available.

Okaloosa County: There are 10,974 units in the Okaloosa Island and Destin area.

Walton County: Jon Ervin, of South Walton Tourist Development Council, said his best estimate of the number of rentals is 11,000 among the 16 beach neighborhoods.