Destin resident Linda Kedy packs a lot of punch for such a petite lady.

The author and health coach’s newest book, "Cancer is Great for Your Health," approaches the sometimes taboo subject of chronic illness from a unique vantage point.

The now twice-published author, originally from England, has been living in the States for more than 25 years — eight of which have been on the sandy-white beaches of Destin.

In 2001, when Kedy was diagnosed with breast cancer, she took a nonconventional route on her road to recovery.

"I had the surgery like I was supposed to, but I refused to take any drugs after," Kedy said.

Allowing her immune system to build its way back up without the aid of prescriptions, Kedy grew stronger every day and now she wants to help others.

"I started the blueprints for this book five years ago but it never really went anywhere." said Kedy, "But it felt like every day I was hearing about someone dying of some chronic illness — not just cancer…"

Kedy said that's when she went back to work on "Cancer is Great for Your Health."

"I thought, ‘shame on me for having this information and keeping it to myself,’ ” she said.

Kedy says the labyrinth of treatment can be confusing, and many don't know exactly how the body works.

People often think if they eat right and exercise that they are the picture of health.

"Yes, staying active and eating right is important, and it's part of the puzzle — but they're only two small pieces of the puzzle, making up a much bigger puzzle — made up of about 100 or more pieces," Kedy said.

Adding that the root of most illnesses is usually emotional, Kedy addresses this among other topics in her book, which she says is very reader friendly.

At the end of every chapter, there's a question and exercise for the reader to fill out that requires a mix of facts and soul searching. At the end of the book is a specific mini-health plan, tailor-made for each reader.

On New Year's Day, Kedy offered readers a free download of her book through Amazon — 236 copies were downloaded nationally and internationally in the 24-hour period.

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