The city of Destin is once again gauging the pulse of the people through a series of anonymous surveys.

"The surveys will help us learn from our citizens and businesses and find ways the city can better serve them, as well as determine how well we're doing so far," Mayor Sam Seevers said.

The business survey, which is sent to approximately 1,200 businesses within the city limits of Destin, is a web-based survey conducted by the Auburn Technical Assistance Center.

The citizens' survey, which is conducted by the National Research Center, will be mailed to a random sample of residents (1,200) later this month and must be filled out and mailed back (no charge).

The surveys will ask various questions in an effort to garner more insight from residents and businesses so the city staff and city council can work to enhance the city's working relationship with the business community and residents.

The 2013 citizens' survey is very similar to the 2011, according to city officials. Questions have been changed to address current interests.

For the citizens' survey, residents are asked to rate various aspects of quality of life in the city; recreational and employment opportunities; how safe/unsafe one feels; use of neighborhood and city parks; the overall quality of services in the city; the overall performance of city leaders; and their impression of city employees.

Final adjustments were being made to the business survey as of Thursday, and it was expected to go live this week.

This is the fifth time the city will conduct the biennial citizen survey and the first time for the business survey. The deadline to submit the business survey is Feb. 15. There is no deadline on the citizens' survey, but a final report will be issued to the city April 13.

Questions about either survey can be answered by calling the city's human resource manager at 837-4242.

"Just like the citizen survey, the city intends to conduct the business survey every two years to trend results and validate improvements in service," Seevers said.