Accepting and printing full-page ads two weeks in a row promoting the sale of deadly weapons was a poor management decision — especially in light of what happened in Newtown, Conn. Do you have no sense of shame?  Apparently the bottom line for The Log is advertising revenue.

This Second Amendment argument giving citizens the right to own all kind of guns is bogus.  It says, “A well regulated militia …”  Individual citizens do not constitute a “militia” — let alone “well-regulated.”  Those words refer to an organized body of citizens who are regulated by law such as police and military units. The amendment gives the people the right to create and regulate those armed units.

It does not give individual citizens a constitutional right to own, keep, and bear arms.

Finally, the Second Amendment was written in 1791 when guns used one shell (bullet) at a time and took several minutes to reload. Those were the “arms” referred to in that document.  Today, we have the destructive automatic assault weapons promoted in your misguided ad that are more often used to annihilate innocent adults and children than to protect oneself.    

Robert Sauer, Ph. D.
Miramar Beach