Ladies of First Baptist Church of Destin enjoy fellowship and fun every month.

When the ladies of First Baptist Church of Destin get together the second Saturday of every month, they bring a special mug and share why that mug is so special to them.

“Amazing, amusing stories,” Connie Perkins, member of the Mug & Muffin group, told The Log.

The ladies also bring breakfast/brunch items and have enjoyed many breakfast casseroles and muffins.

“With many snowbirds in the winter, we are privy to recipes from around the U.S. and Canada,” Perkins said. “The purpose of ‘M&M’, we just love that, is to experience fellowship around the breakfast table, pray for one another in a more intimate setting than the church service or Sunday School classes, and work/highlight mission projects.”

Recent speakers at the meetings have been the director of Hosanna House in Destin, who came to share the purpose and needs for the women assisted in this setting.

“In turn, we brought laundry detergent, toilet paper, canned goods, etc. for their consumption,” said Perkins. “Most ladies were amazed that Hosanna House is shared ownership with Harvest House and that donations to Harvest House are 10 percent tithed to Hosanna House.”

The group also shares articles about missionaries in various journals, including a couple at the church currently preparing to re-enter the mission field.

“We have had children of missionaries share what that experience meant to them,” Perkins said. “We also prepared thank-you/appreciation gifts for the teachers in our church school and daycare as they are also in ‘missionary work’. Sometimes in the past we have had moneymaking ventures to send birthday/Christmas gifts to missionaries here in the US and abroad.”

Treasure Tales

Perkins was one of two women who started Treasure Tales, a “finale” to Mug & Muffin each year. This is the fourth year for the event, held the last Saturday in January in the evening.

“We felt by then we all suffered from ‘cabin fever’ and needed a girl's night out,” said Perkins, born and raised in frigid Kansas City, Mo. “We have everyone bring any item they would find on a salad bar or dessert bar. We begin praying in November as to whom the Lord would like us to have as guest panel members. He always provides us with a ‘young, middle, and senior’ lady.”

This year's honorees are Amanda Boerma, young mother of a one year old, Jean Edwards, former snowbird, now resident, and Laurie Roper, the pastor’s wife.

At the beginning of January, the honorees are given 13 questions to answer that will be used in an informal “interview.” Questions include: What is your favorite scripture and why? What small things are you thankful for?

Do you feel God has spoken to you? and What do you want us to know about you that we don’t already know?
“I'm the master of ceremonies and ask the questions, not necessarily in order,” Perkins said. “We find out a lot about these ladies and they become an encouragement to us. It's kinda like, ‘This is Your Life’. The ladies all love it and can't wait to participate.”

Perkin’s added that the last question is always the best. They have found out who has been homecoming queen (Peggy Threadgill from Destin First National Bank), who has marksmanship qualifications, who was a roller skating speed champion, and who has burned the Thanksgiving turkey. Sadly, they also learned who had lived in foster homes most of her growing up years.

“This one event has brought us closer than any other in my estimation because it's just us girls sharing girl talk,” Perkins said.

Various men are asked to the evening, to come and do dishes and clean up — and then leave!

A vote will be taken at this year’s Treasure Tales to determine if M&M will continue in 2013. Perkins and Teresa Reed, the ladies in charge of the event, both work full time and are caretakers of their spouses.

“As Teresa and I are active in other areas of church ministry, we simply had to let go of M&M,” Perkins said. “Of course we are hoping someone will step up to the plate and take over this worthwhile ministry. At the very least I believe they will continue to meet for breakfast at area restaurants. Nothing wrong with food, continued fellowship, and prayer gatherings.”