With the possibility of a strip club opening along Airport Road, there has been plenty of chatter on The Log's Facebook page by those opposed and in favor of the club, which might be dubbed "The Runway." Here is what our Facebook friends had to say.

Naomi Alvarado: Awesome...lets get one step closer to being Panama City.

Michael Bell: I don't really care, but 5 strip clubs or so within 10 miles of each other seems like overkill.

Naomi Alvarado: There are plenty of strip clubs for people to go to. We don't need one in Destin.

Marguerite Barry Richter: I think it's disgraceful! It cheapens Destin! What's to stop more of these coming. Don't look to be featured in Southern Living's most beautiful beaches and destination vacations!

Miranda VandeRostyne Bridgeford: Looking to move into SRB. This gives me more of a reason since this is by my house now.

Sandi Farr: Just because they want to open it doesn't mean it will. Particularly if the majority of the public is against it.

Kathy Delconte: I would rather have something like a Chuck E Cheese so me and my kids and their friends could go when it's cold and rainy. Donít think it has any place there. Also, there is a church across the street... Safe Harbor Presbyterian.

Mark Herring: Soooooo, you can destroy God's beautiful creation with overdevelopment and pollution, but you can't see letting a guy go [to a strip club].

Sandra Early: I hate to see all the late night traffic back here on Airport Road with all the drunks near these quiet subdivisions. I would not want a regular bar to go up on Airport and especially not a strip club. The traffic coming off Main Street to Airport will be crazy. I live near Airport so I really hate to see this happen!

Robert Flynn: I heard the last guy that tried to open a "adult" bar here in Destin ended up getting shot and killed. These type of places inherently bring crime, but it is a free market society we live in. If we choose not to attend this establishment, then the place will go out of business...

David Smith: Great... perfect location... parents and bus drivers, prepare to explain to the children when they ask, "Hey Mom, look at that place; what is it and why is Dad's car out front?"

Jonathan Campbell: Let the free market work.

Daniel L Whoolery: The sad part about it all is that for every few bad apples painting a bad picture there are many more good responsible people out there that can go out to a bar and not cause a scene. Therefore we get angered when people who never even know us call us "drunks" or "morons" just because we go to a strip club or a bar and all the while people who criticize us do God knows what behind closed doors or go to Applebee's or Chili's not thinking that's a bar. All I'm saying is give people a chance before you run them into the ground. I've frequented different local Destin bars and even held a VIP card at Sammy's and had fun wherever I was at. Yet when all was said and done I was of the mindset that when I was out in public I stuck to my morals I was raised with, and I offer to open doors for women and the elderly ...