After a botched Botox treatment and eight months of blinding headaches and racing nerves, Amanda McConkey began looking for alternative, holistic ways to combat the aging process. She stumbled upon the Planet Beach website.

"It was a personal journey for me really," said McConkey, who was hesitant to open the franchise at first.

While on this journey, McConkey and her husband were in the process of moving from Birmingham, Ala., and building their dream home in Destin. McConkey said that her husband was extremely supportive and encouraged her to open the spa.

"I thought, no way, it's Destin, there has to be a Planet Beach there already," McConkey said, "but, I was shocked, there wasn't. So I ran with it."

Officially opening it's doors to guests in May of 2012, the Destin Planet Beach Contempo Spa proved popular even in the businesses early days.

Operating as a spa and gym mash-up, Planet Beach sells monthly packages or a la carte services, allowing guests access to the more than 10 futuristic machines within the spa.

One of their most in-demand treatments is the Hydro-Derma Fusion, which is a liquid vitamin steam bath that uses radiant head and LED color technology to deeply hydrate the skin while increasing skinís elasticity. This treatment, like most of the treatments offered at Planet Beach, takes only 20 minutes.

Planet Beach also has a Slim Capsule, which is much like a dry-heat sauna, but with full body LED light technology, vibratory massage, aromatherapy, ionized air and a facial cooling system.

With all of the treatments taking less than an hour to complete, Planet Beach Contempo Spa is geared toward the person who wants to experience the luxury of a spa, but also don't have an entire day to spend getting treatments.

"It's rewarding to watch my clients progress and feel better with each treatment they get," McConkey said.

Planet Beach Contempo Spa is located at 34904 Emerald Coast Pkwy. Ste. 120, in the Barnes & Noble shopping center, and they can be reached at 424-7400. For more information about the spa visit