Children wanting to sign up for Destin Little League will get one last crack at it during a registration day  from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. this Saturday at the Destin Community Center.

After two weekends of registration, plus online registrations, the numbers are a bit low for the Destin league.

As it stands, about 200 youth have registered to play with the majority falling in the T-ball age range, 4- to 6-year-olds.

"The older leagues are lacking," said Ryan Boswell, Destin Little League Association president. "We need at least a hundred more kids."

Boswell is hoping to have enough players to field at least four teams in each league.

Right now the only two leagues that could field four teams are the Machine Pitch Baseball and T-ball. Forty-five have registered for Machine Pitch and 71 for T-ball.

More are needed in the older leagues.

The count thus far in the other leagues is 25 for Minor Baseball, 23 for Major Baseball, 22 for Machine Pitch Softball and 11 for Major Softball.

Last year, Destin Little League had more than 400 youth spread across 34 teams.

If interested, players can also register online at

"Our website is the best way to find out information," Boswell said.

Cost is $100 per player, $85 for registration and a $15 snack fee, which pays for a snack and drink after every game. "We don't ask for any money ever after that," Boswell said.

Each player is also provided with a uniform shirt, pants, belt and hat. The league also provides helmets and bats.

Boswell said the league hopes to begin practices the first week of February.

Opening day is scheduled for March 9 with the first week of games to start March 11.