I opened my Destin Log paper this morning to a headline reading "Not in the School Business." Our city councilmen, specifically Jim Bagby is quoted as saying: "I thought we killed that thing like three times ago"' referring to a Destin high school. He further is quoted as saying "we are not in the school business."

Well, should all the working Destin residents/parents just relocate now and leave Destin, the community, to the tourists and snowbirds? This is an offensive and absolutely outrageous statement from a city representative. And he wasn't alone. Thank you Larry Williges for noting the importance of a comprehensive education plan as important to any future Destin city planning.

While our recent economy may not have been able to support the reality of a Destin City High School, to say that we are "not in the school business" shows absolutely no forethought.

We have children attending elementary and middle school. Of course we have to include and entertain all the needs of our full time residents, including education for our children.

Linda Phillips