Looking at the calendar, spring break is right around the corner for local schools, colleges and universities. As a tourist destination, there is plenty of social media chatter from those looking forward to spending their days in Destin.

Miranda Stanford: Spring break on my mind

Maci Andrus: So it's unanimous... DESTIN it is for SB13

Jordan Hartley: Thank God I'm going to teenage heaven on Spring Break #Destin

Meg Collier: Destin or Vegas for Spring Break? Yeah, I'm gonna have to go with Vegas.

Cale Potts: Call me a tool, but less than 40 days until spring break! #destin

Maddie Smart: Who is ready for some spring break shenanigans?? #hurry #destin

Chase Edwards: Ready to be fishin in Destin... Come on spring break.

Donnie Griggers: It seems as though every day I meet more and more people that are going to Destin for spring break #gunnabecrazy #womensarchery

Lauryn Feil: Dad and Michelle booked spring break in Destin. I'll be checkiní out cuties and sippin' on drinks by the ocean.

Wine Girl: Just booked my flight to Destin... Spring Break here wine girl comes.

Kelsey Jenkins: If I'm going to Destin on spring break, I need to hit the gym harddddd and the tanning bed!

Garrett Koch: "Damn we need to go to destin for springbreak." Hell yeah. We originated that place.

Tess Harding: Me: "Don't go to Destin for SB so I'm not bored by myself at home!" Tyler: "You can always hang out with the dog!

Michael Sofferin: Just tapped the SB keg. First sip of a fresh keg always reminds me of that spring break at the bungalow in Destin.