A 25-year-old Destin woman was charged with resisting an officer with violence after telling an Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office deputy no, forcing him to drag her to his car and kicking him, according to her arrest report. She also made "poking gestures" at the deputy.

A cab driver had called the Sheriff's Office after two intoxicated customers got in their car and drove away early on the morning of Jan. 20.

The car pulled into the Palms of Destin and a male and female got out, the report said. When confronted by the deputy, both denied having taken a cab earlier in the evening. Later they said they had taken a cab.

The female, Haley Loree Hataway, initially refused to give the deputy her license and made poking gestures at him, the report said.

While the deputy was investigating, the pair continued to talk loudly about the incident. When the deputy tried to separate them, Hataway told him no and refused to stand where he'd asked her to stand. Instead, she sat down next to the man and continued to yell at him.

The deputy told her several more times to move away from the man and stop talking, but she refused. When he attempted to take her to his vehicle, she screamed and went limp, dropping to the ground.

Deputies placed handcuffs on her as she tried to kick them. When they tried to place her in the back of the car, she stiffened and screamed again. Deputies finally applied a pressure point to get her to enter the back seat and sit.