As the Florida’s 500th anniversary approaches in April, counties throughout the state are starting work on their time capsules as part of Viva Florida 500.

Of Florida's 67 counties, each county decides the details of their time capsule — what to store in the capsule, where to store it and how long to store it.

Okaloosa County has decided to put their capsule away for 100 years, opening it in the year 2113, Florida's 600th anniversary. The county is still unsure of where and what to put in the capsule, but they know they want to store it somewhere above ground rather than burying it because of Florida's intense rain.

"We want to try to store it in the courthouse or a museum, somewhere significant," said Destin resident Steven Menchel, who was present for last month’s time capsule meeting at the Niceville library.

All county residents are invited to the time capsule meetings, which are being held monthly. County residents are also encouraged to share their opinions regarding what should go into the two-foot-tall capsule.

Leading the Okaloosa County time capsule committee are Vicky Stever, the county's public library cooperative coordinator and Kathy Newby, the county's public information officer.

"Putting any kind of technology in the capsule isn't really an option — most likely no one will know how to work it in 100 years any way," said Stever. "We want to show a snapshot of what life is like right now in Florida, so pictures are an obvious choice, but color photos tend to fade more quickly than black and white — so we just have to figure out what makes the most sense."

The next meeting is being held on Wednesday, Feb. 13, at 10 a.m., at the Niceville Public Library's conference room — 206 Partin Drive North. To be a part of the Viva Florida 500 events and the time capsule meetings visit the Facebook page at OkaloosaVivaFlorida500 or call the Okaloosa County Public Library Cooperative at 609-5102. You can also follow them at Pinterest and see historical Okaloosa images at

"At this meeting, we will discuss venues as potential hosts sites for the capsule," said Stever, "a data collection form will be used in evaluating and comparing the venues."