The rain couldn't put a damper on the fun for the more than 20 children attending Destin's First Baptist Church Valentine's Day Formal.

The church hosted its 8th annual dance on Feb. 7. The formal looked like a mini-prom of sorts the day featured a DJ, dancing and even a ride in a limo.

Children danced around the room some with their parents and some with friends.

Although they may have looked like naturals, dancing wasn't every child's forte.

"Oh, they definitely practiced dancing," said Carrie McNeil, coordinator of the day's fun.

The girls were all dressed in beautiful dresses, looking like princesses some even wore tiaras. The boys were also dressed to the nines with dress shirt and ties.

When there was a lull in the dancing, many took advantage of the other activities the day had to offer.

A photo booth company, ShutterPods, provided laughs entertainment and memories. The photo booth had a wide selection of props feather boas, huge silly sunglasses, hats and more.

Four-year-old Victoria Torres and her parents Amanda and Paul were just one of the families' that donned some of the playful props and took to the booth to make memories.

Victoria told The Log that taking pictures in the booth was fun because she likes to play dress up, and because her parents looked funny.

Two tables of refreshments were provided, which offered children a way to refuel with a chocolate fountain, various cookies and cakes, fruit and other sweet treats, so the children were able to continue dancing long into the noon hour.

The most exciting part of the day was the limo ride provided by 654-LIMO.

The children split into two groups for their movie star ride around town.

All of the children enjoyed the limo ride, but there was one who clearly enjoyed it just a bit more than the others.

"That's the biggest car in the world," said three-year-old Brogan Huskey. "It was so cool!"