The vote is in ó it's two red snapper per day for 27 days, starting June 1.

Last week the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council met in Mobile and part of the discussion dealt with the length of the season as well as the bag limit for red snapper.

After public comment Thursday, Destin's Capt. Mike Eller who was in attendance, said, "it was overwhelming to stay at two fish per person."

The council agreed.

However there was a bit of a stink raised concerning those states that are not compliant with the federal dates for red snapper in state waters.

In the last three or four years, NOAA Fisheries has cut back on the season in federal waters trying to rebuild the red snapper fishery. And for the most part all the Gulf states have gone along with the federal mandate, except for Texas, where officials says they will allow anglers to catch snapper in state waters.

At Friday's meeting, the National Marine Fisheries was given the authority by the council to shut down federal waters for those states that donít mirror the federal dates for red snapper.

"They're playing a game of chicken ... staring each other down," Eller said.

Fishermen are still hopeful of getting a few extra days added to the 27 once the benchmark stock assessment numbers are in.

Eller said Monday that it's looking as if the assessment will probably not be in, in time to tack onto the end of June.

"We may get three to five days with the TAC increase," he said. However, they may not come until July or a weekend in the fall.

"It's all so ridiculous," he said.