Spring break is right around the corner and there are plenty of anxious spring breakers looking to dip their toes into the sugar white sands along Destin's beaches. Here's a bit of the chatter on Twitter.

Hardey Stephen: So now that Mardi Gras is over... how long till spring break? #destin #SBK13

Anthony Rodriguez: Just got really pumped for spring break #Destin #countindown

Leah Iris: Got to save money to buy a bunch of new bathing suits for spring break #destin

Michael: T-Minus 22 days until spring break #Destin #WhalesTail

Michael Aleman: Lol while my teacher is talking bout dogs, me and Zach are talking about spring break! #panama #destin

Julie James: Hearing "Suntan City" makes me feel like it's spring break again and makes me that much more excited for SB13 #Destin

Maddie Wiarda:  Everyone's counting down to Christmas. I'm counting down the days 'til Spring Break. #Destin

Julie King: Destin Spreak = MTV spring break minus Carson Daly... And a camera crew. #Destin #winning

Jake LaFleur:  37 more days til #destin. Itís not even gonna know what hit em #getready