We asked local musicians to share their plans for the quarantine. Get to know Loose Bolts.

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Editor’s Note: We asked local musicians to share their plans for the quarantine.

Name: Ian Brice of LOOSE BOLTS

Website: loosebolts.org

Social media: @loosebolts4real on all platforms

What’s going on with you musically right now?

Recording and mixing a new record. Not so much focused on playing out right now thankfully.

What are your general thoughts about the coronavirus?

We’re headed for a reset of some sort clearly. I really feel for those who don’t have a home to isolate themselves if it comes down to it.

What event/activity are you most sad was canceled because of the coronavirus?

I cant really name just one.

Will you work at a job over the next couple of weeks? If so, where?

Yeah I’ve done lots of different work. I’m a line cook currently.

If you plan to self-quarantine, what TV/movies will you watch and why? Books?

I’ve got some Sun Tzu, Mark Manson, Alan Watts, Paulo Coehlo – to name a few. Not super into fiction. In terms of movies and TV, I’m a podcast freak.

What music do you recommend right now?

Right now is the perfect time to listen to Father John Misty.

How would you describe your self-quarantine fashion aesthetic?

I stay flossy for no reason.

What other unique plans do you have as you self-quarantine?

Writing, recording, mixing and further refining what Loose Bolts is made of.

Do you have an uplifting motto or mantra?

Don’t be too hard on yourself. It takes a country of people to run that same country into the ground. We’re victims just as much as we are complicit in what goes on in the world around us. In the end, you just need to be able to stomach sleeping in the bed you’ve made for yourself.