Local musicians share their quarantine plans during the coronavirus. Get to know Tris.

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Editor’s Note: We asked local musicians to share their plans for the quarantine.

Name: Tris Weeks

Website: TrisMusic.com

Social media: Instagram @tris.music

Facebook: Tris Music

What’s going on with you musically right now?

I have shifted my musical focus to intense practice and learning right now. I’m working on putting together a new band, expanding my set list, writing music, taking Skype lessons with my voice instructor at the University of West Florida and booking gigs for late summer and fall.

What are your general thoughts about the coronavirus?

The coronavirus feels straight out of a dystopian nightmare. Walking into a grocery store with completely empty shelves and people scrambling to get all of the essentials is enough to make it feel like the start of an apocalypse. I have been a germaphobe my whole life. I was known for being the girl who always good-smelling carried hand sanitizer in elementary school. While I am not as worried about myself getting sick, I have loved ones around me that are in those higher risk groups. My plan is to just be extra cautious and take things one day at a time.

What event/activity are you most sad was canceled because of the coronavirus?

One of my favorite gigs every month is playing at Gallery Night in downtown Pensacola. I would rather be safe than sorry, but am sad to hear it is no longer happening.

Will you work at a job over the next couple of weeks?

I was planning on taking a job as a radio station announcer, but in light of the pandemic, I am going to put that on hold for now.

If you plan to self-quarantine, what TV/movies will you watch and why? Books?

I think this will be a great opportunity to catch up on all the movies, TV shows, and books I never feel like I have time to indulge in. I am excited to rewatch my favorite TV show, “That 70’s Show,” finish reading “Daisy Jones and the Six” by Taylor Jenkins Reid and find as many interesting rock and roll documentaries and biopics as I can.

What music do you recommend right now?

Recently, Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” has felt appropriate. Additionally, I have been listening to a lot of Heart, Blondie, Jefferson Airplane and Janis Joplin. Heart’s “Dreamboat Annie” and “Little Queen” are stellar albums. In modern music, I’ve been loving Florence + the Machine’s most recent studio album, “High as Hope,” and Lauren Ruth Ward’s debut “Well Hell.”

How would you describe your self-quarantine fashion aesthetic?

I love this question. My typical style is heavily inspired by David Bowie, Elton John, Debbie Harry and Stevie Nicks, so adjusting that to quarantine casual will be an interesting challenge. I always feel better when I like what I am wearing, so I will continue to plan out cute 70s-inspired rocker outfits, simply adding a more laid-back, comfortable flair.

What other unique plans do you have as you self-quarantine?

I plan to spend a lot of my self-quarantine time out on the beach. I want to soak up as much sun and salty air as I can. While self-quarantining, I think it will be important to spend as much time outside as possible.

Do you have an uplifting motto or mantra?

I’m taking deep breaths, making time for meditation and trying to remember that all you need is love.