After serving 22 months in the Alpine German speaking mission, things changed. One minute we were out in the streets having conversations with folks passing by. The next we were in our apartment reaching out to everyone over the phone.

Then we got a call from our mission president! We were going home! A shuttle took us to the Munich airport. Only security guards were there, and the planes were nearly empty. On our last flight home there were only five passengers. When I saw my parents I ran to meet them. It was our first hug in two years.

Two passengers on my flights helped me on my trip home: One let me use her phone to let my parents know of change of flights and I shared why I was gone from home for two years serving the Lord. Another was a flight attendant with stories of his relatives on their missions. To sum up my life the last month, it would be this: Live every day like it is your last, satisfied with your choices and effort, because you never know when your last day will come.

James Boden is the son of Darcy and Dr. Steven Boden of Niceville.