If you walk along Destin harbor in HarborWalk Village you won’t be able to miss the newest business in town. It’s the shiny metallic Airstream wafting out amazing Parisian smells.

Creative Crepes is the dream business of best friends Clint Machamer and Arris Haman, and although it’s only been open five days on the harbor, the two men say it’s already making waves along the Emerald Coast.

“We started the whole business last year with catering, farmers markets and special events along 30A and Watercolor,” said Machamer.

“Our first farmers market we got out there and made all the food the night before, but then the day of we were running around like mad men,” added Haman. “It was fun to realize that what we did, everybody loved.”

Machamer and Haman met in an unconventional way, while back country snowboarding in Colorado, but said they later ended up working for the same small Creperie in Colorado and found they had the same dream of one day running a food truck.

“We kind of just came up with the idea sitting there dreaming about the future,” said Haman of the food truck. “We really just wanted to branch off and start our own business and we wanted to have a little Airstream set up somewhere and just make people happy.”

So, how did Destin, Florida get on the radar?

“My parents live on 30A,” said Machamer. “We came out for vacation and saw the Airstream look, and we literally packed up on a dream.”

Why crepes?

“You can go everywhere here and get seafood,” said Machamer. “So being different, for us, we stand out more than the rest.”

“They’re just such a great vehicle for food,” Haman said of the crepes. “I love the idea to be able to work with your food and create a visual presentation.”

And present they do, from the moment a customer walks up to the Airstream, to the moment the crepe handed off, the two love to entertain their guests.

“Putting on a show, it’s what we love to do,” said Machamer.

“We thrive on our presentation and being up front with our customers,” said Haman adding that the most showy crepes, are those they flambé. “At night we like to turn off the lights and light it up so you can get the visuals as well,” he said.

Another focus the two stress with their business is quality of taste. Almost everything from the batter to the sauces is created in house and the pair even said they are working on creating their own cheeses. The menu ranges from breakfast crepes, to sweet and savory crepes and even some traditional Parisian recipes.

“One of my personal favorites is the Monte Cristo,” said Haman. “It has a cheddar cheese base with grilled chicken breast and grilled ham, all topped with raspberry jam and honey Dijon mustard. We also have the Dog Pile, one of our favorite sweet crepes. We named that after our four dogs at home. That one has peanut butter, chocolate and bananas.”

The entire Creative Crepe business fits into a 20-foot, 1969 converted Airstream, and the reason for that the men said is so the food truck can be mobile.

“We will be here for all the summer months, but in the off season we will go do events all around Florida,” said Haman. “We wanted to make it a step up from everything else they had here, and what’s cooler than having an Airstream?”

Creative Crepes is located at HarborWalk Village along the Destin harbor and is open daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. For more information find them on Facebook by searching Creative Crepes.