God began preparing Susanna Lynn for her music ministry when she was little, first by putting music in her home as her mother played songs like "Amazing Grace" and "You Are My Sunshine."

At the age of 9, Lynn began her piano lessons.

"My mom said she wanted me to learn to read notes because she had never learned and instead played by ear," Lynn told The Log. "She wanted me to learn the notes so I could read music and learn songs. I am always grateful that my mom did that for me."

With her parents always encouraging her, Lynn also had a second-hand drum set as a teen, but eventually put her money toward an electric piano more suited for her purpose.

Lynn also knew as a young child she wanted to be a teacher, and fulfilled that dream teaching reading in an elementary school in Kentucky, working as a substitute teacher while she was singing, and teaching English as a second language.

After being a teacher for several years, God led Lynn to begin her music ministry, singing gospel at church, Habitat for Humanity and military benefits. She recorded her first CD in Nashville and it made it to the Top 5 Christian Albums of the Year at the IMA's.

But soon thereafter, Lynn became very sick and moved to Florida.

"I became so sick for years that I was forced to completely stop working on the mission that God had led me to," she said. "I couldn’t sing, and I finally had to sell my audio equipment to pay taxes. But Satan couldn’t keep God’s mission from continuing permanently. During that down time, God changed me for the better and prepared me for something on the horizon. In my weakness, my faith grew stronger."

It was a meeting between a holistic doctor and Lynn that changed her life, and she discovered her illness was from exposure to toxins. After studying on the subject and with God's healing, Lynn was ready to begin singing again for Jesus.

"So now that the Lord has made me stronger and more grounded in his word, I don’t intend on letting Satan take me down again," Lynn said. "I’ve got the armor of God on now, and God willing, I’m planning on singing at charity functions, benefits, churches, and for anyone who would like to hear the message of Jesus through song."

The Mission

"God has a mission for everyone," said Lynn. "He created you and me for a purpose. And I feel so blessed to help people learn about Jesus, and how to live their lives in a healthy, happy, purposeful way."

If you would like to help Lynn's mission to spread the love of Jesus through her music, your donations would be used to help her begin again. Monies will also be used for her to travel to as many churches and charity events as she can to sing and provide free faith information and informative health materials.

One of her outreach programs is The Red Bag Project. She fills and distribute bags with food, Bibles, and other essentials to those who are in need, this year the women at Shelter House.

"We also included daily prayer books in the bags this time. I’ve always used my own money to do this, but I’m reaching out to others now in order to expand the project."

Any contribution is appreciated. For every donation over $15, Lynn will send a copy of her debut CD that made Top 5 Christian Album of the Year at the IMAs.

Visit www.susannalynn.com or write her at info@susannalynn.com.