Baby goats reunited with owner after adventures in Walton County

FREEPORT — Tickles and Precious, the baby goats rescued last week by the Walton County Animal Shelter, have made their way back home.

Chris Wheeler, the owner of the goats, said they wandered a little too far when he let them out for grazing last week, and he couldn’t find them after he realized they had strayed.

As it turns out, the Walton County Animal Shelter had picked them up. When they contacted Wheeler, he said he would have a hard time coming up with the $83.24 to pick up the goats, and the shelter told him that if he didn’t retrieve them by Tuesday they would be placed up for adoption.

After a story about the baby goats ran in the Daily News, several people reached out to the shelter.

“We had three different people that wanted to pay the fee to allow him to get the animals back,” said Tina Barker, animal services manager.

Thanks to one of those anonymous donors, Wheeler was reunited with the baby goats, one of whom had a broken leg, on Tuesday.

“It’s kind of overwhelming that somebody wanted me to have them back,” Wheeler said of the anonymous donation. “I’d like to tell whoever did it, thank you very, very much, they’re welcome to come to my farm anytime. I will load them down with organic produce.”

Wheeler, who owns a farm in Freeport called Cloud 9 Farms, said he has over 40 goats. Tickles and Precious, though, were particularly important to his 12-year-old daughter, who just underwent a year and a half of chemotherapy.

“I prayed about it for quite some time, deciding how I was going to work out getting the goats back,” he said. “I think it’s a blessing, I really do.”