DESTIN — Known as a flying memorial to World War II, the Wings of Freedom Tour will be in town Friday through Sunday.

Three World War II-era aircraft — a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, a Consolidated B-24 Liberator and a TF-51D Mustang Fighter — will be at Destin Executive Airport for the three-day walk-through and flight experience.

“We are looking forward to coming back again,” said Hunter Chaney, director of marketing for the Collings Foundation, which sponsors the tour. “This year we will be doing 109 cities, and when we come into to Destin it will be our 3,261st stop in our 29 years of touring.”

The tour last stopped in Destin in 2015.

Chaney said its mission is to bring World War II history to life for younger generations. It also hopes that knowledge can help avoid future wars.

“To read about World War II history is something you might remember, but to experience something from World War II history is something you will never forget,” he said. “We hope people have a better appreciation of what it must have been like during World War II, and we hope that it will ultimately cause people to want to learn more.”

Chaney said this year's Destin stop will be extra special because two local World War II veterans will fly into town aboard the vintage aircraft today.

“This year two local World War II veterans — Sam Lombardo and John Beard — will be joining us on our in-bound flight,” Chaney said. “We really roll the red carpet out for our World War II veterans.”

During the exhibition visitors can explore the aircraft, meet the crew and sign up for a 30-minute flight.

“People have the ability to crawl through the inside on the two heavy bombers and get a close look at the Mustang,” Chaney said. “When people come out and see the planes, what they are seeing is really straight out of 1944. To fly in these planes really transports you into a foreign environment. It is truly a historic experience you just can’t find anywhere else.”