Fun run — two words that get Destin Elementary School Students excited for the school week.

It’s easy to see why. The fun run is the culminating event of over a week spent focusing on good character in the classroom; talking about what it means to be kind, respectful, self-aware, creative, and trustworthy.

Music blasted from the speakers as an emcee led third and fourth graders in a pre-fun run warm-up exercise. Parents lined the outer edge of the circle, snapping photos as children ran.

"My son was excited to be able to run and raise money for the school," Lupe Batarao said. "It makes the kids feel like a part of the whole process."

The school’s PTA hired Boosterthon to organize and run four back-to-back fun runs for pre-schoolers, kindergartners and first through fourth graders. The company provided a large, blow-up tunnel for the kids to run through at the beginning of the run, as well as tents, signs, music, and an energetic emcee.

"There’s no way this would have been possible without full cooperation from parents and the community," PTA Vice President Jackie Saviola said.

When all is said and done, the school will net about $40,000 from the fun run fundraiser.

Boosterthon takes a percentage of the profits, but Saviola said that their product is too good to not have hired them to run the event this year.

"You’re going to have expenses either way," Saviola said.

As the fun run continued, students laughed and smiled. They poured water over their heads to cool off and followed along to the emcee’s instructions.

"Let me see your slow-motion running! Everyone run in slooooow motion!"

Kids mimicked the emcee, moving their arms and legs inch by inch.

"The whole fun run promotes a positive message. It reminds our students to be kind and respectful, and it’s all about building character," Principal Al Gardner said.