A new women’s designer store, Donna Gatta Boutique, just opened at Destin Commons. It is located on the main street in the outdoor lifestyle center, across the street from Abercrombie & Fitch.

Donna Gatta is owned by local resident Michela Marangoni and the new store is her first, a life-long dream for her. Originally from Brazil, Marangoni found her way to the Emerald Coast by way of California five years ago.

“Opening a women’s clothing boutique has always been my passion and dream from when I was 6 years old in Brazil when one day, I taped all my clothes on a wall to show off my ‘new store’ to my mother,” said Marangoni. “I then went on to design school at the University of West Florida and I do all my buying. Area ladies and tourists alike are in for a unique shopping experience when they visit Donna Gatta.”

Preparing to open Donna Gatta Boutique meant apparel market buying trips all over the country, including New York City, Las Vegas, Atlanta, and others. The result is an array of women’s flowing tropical chic and beach clothing, hats, purses, designer jewelry and sandals. A couple of Donna Gatta’s lines carried are Scandal, featuring made in Italy silk fabrics; and Incaha, a casual collection of dresses, skirts and blouses.

The boutique’s name is of Italian origin. Though Marangoni is from Brazil, her parents are originally from Italy. Donna means Miss and Gatta means cat, therefore the translation is Miss Cat, a tribute to her nickname as a child and Marangoni’s love of felines.