Meet William and Emily Kelly. They are the husband and wife founder/owners of Destin Commons’ newest store, Emma & Kate Jewelry, located a few stores away from Lush on the center’s main street.

The high-end designer jewelry store boasts a wide array of eye pleasing necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Well known jewelry lines such as Elaine Coyne, La Contessa, Charles Albert, Sorelli, Julie Voss, and more are displayed throughout the store. Unique high-quality Oak River leather purses are also on display.

As well, they have original coin necklaces made from the original Spanish Cob coins, complete with certificates of authenticity, from the Spanish 1715 Fleet. As well, Emma & Kate carries 1633 Atocha and Princess Louisa coins from the Princess Louisa from 1743, and many other treasures. In 1985, famed treasure hunter Mel Fisher discovered the ship wreck off the Florida Keys. Fisher spent his life treasure hunting in the seas. His 1985 find was valued at $450 million. Emma & Kate also carries artifact replicas cast of pure silver from the wreck of the Spanish Galleon, Nuestra Senora de Atocha, another  Fisher find.

The Kelly’s moved to the Miramar Beach area from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. One evening at sunset, the Kelly’s had an idea that capitalized on Emily’s love of jewelry, as well as being a jewelry designer. Their vision was to sell top quality jewelry, affordable to a wide spectrum of budgets. That became a reality with their first jewelry operation, Sea & Sand Jewelry in a kiosk in the Center Plaza of Destin Commons. Now, in addition to Sea & Sand, which was named Best In Destin for Best Place to Spoil Her” by readers of VIP Destin Magazine, they have just opened the upscale Emma & Kate Jewelry.

“Emily has a great eye and is willing to go out on a limb to pick pieces she feels will make people feel special and have joy in their lives,” said William Kelly. "Our Emma & Kate store name came from Emma, which stands for Emily, and Kate, my daughter Katherine’s name. They are angels in my life, and we have angels in our logo, too.”