DESTIN – A 19-year-old man from Albertville, Alabama was arrested after the woman whose car he burglarized provided an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office deputy with his description.

She told them he was a tall, white male wearing red and white checkered shorts. She also said that his eye was very red on the inside, like a sore.

She gave deputies his first name and told them he’d gotten into a car with some other men and had driven away. She gave deputies the tag number.

Surveillance video backed up her account, showing a man wearing red and white shorts removing a Bluetooth speaker from the woman’s car.

When the vehicle was located later in Walton County, he was still wearing the shorts and had a sty inside of his eye, the deputy noted.

He later admitted taking the speaker, a radar detector and a phone charger from the car.

He was charged with unarmed burglary to a vehicle and theft.