Local businesses named after beloved pets

Business has really gone to the dogs in Destin – in a good way that is.

In fact, man’s best friend has really taken it to a new level in both Destin and South Walton with business owners have payed homage to their furry family members with their brand names. The Log reached out to area restaurants that were named after their owner's four-legged friends to get the stories behind them.


Boshamp’s Seafood & Oyster House – Destin

Boshamp’s Seafood & Oyster House can be found in the heart of Destin, right along the harbor. A local family restaurant, the Phillips family named the establishment after their three labs BoBo, Otis and Shug.

“My mom and dad used to own the Flamingo Café in that building for 20-some years,” said Miller Phillips. “When I moved back we tried a hundred different names, and came up with Flamingo this or that but everything we came up we would discover there was already a restaurant with that name.”

That’s when the family got creative, Miller said, adding that everyone has a dog story so why not incorporate theirs into the business?

“I’ve always been a huge dog fan and we’ve always had labs, so my sister was messing around with our dog’s names on a napkin and said, ‘What do you think of Boshamp’s?’ I asked her, ‘How did you come up with that?’ and she said she just took our dog’s names Bobo, Otis and Shug and then added your initials to the end. It works well with our customers.”

Although one of the beloved pup’s has now gone to doggie heaven, Phillips said his legacy lives on by way of Boshamp’s T-shirts available at the restaurant.

Boshamp’s Seafood & Oyster House is located at 414 Harbor Blvd. in Destin. For more information, visit www.boshamps.com or call 850-424-7406.


Piper’s Kitchen – Alys Beach

There’s no disguising the mascot of this popular food truck in Alys Beach; Piper’s Kitchen bears the likeness of town founder Alys Stephens’ favorite terrier Piper. The motto of the taco-serving lunch spot also follows that of a favored pet as it calls patrons to “Sit! Stay! Eat! Play!”

Piper’s Kitchen is located at 58 South Castle Harbour Drive in Alys Beach. For more information, visit www.alysbeach.com or call 850-213-5595.


Bud & Alley’s – Seaside

Bud & Alley’s actually refers to a pet dog and cat. Surfing buddies Dave Rauschkolb and Scott Witcoski visited Seaside over 25 years ago and approached town founder Robert Davis about opening a restaurant.

The restaurant was a go, but a name was still needed. Combining the name of Davis’ Dachshund Bud and Witcoski’s cat Alley, the name was originally just a working title. However, today the name and the restaurant have both become synonymous with the Gulf-side community of Seaside.

Bud & Alley’s Restaurant is located at 2236 East County Highway 30A in Seaside. For more information, visit www.budandalleys.com or call 850-231-5900.