New Bible to celebrate Israel’s 70th anniversary

To help celebrate the nation of Israel's 70th anniversary and to help modern believers connect to the ancient land, Israel365 recently published the "Israel Bible." The "Israel Bible" is a Hebrew-English Bible that is "centered around the Land of Israel, the People of Israel and the unique relationship between them," according to Israel365.

The group Israel365's mission is to teach Christians about the biblical significance of Israel and Jewish people's connection to the land. Israel365 Vice President of Marketing Maayan Hoffman said the Bible's aim is "to convince a divided Jewish people, Christian Zionists and what sometimes seems like an anti-Israel world that Israel belongs to the Jewish people."

The "Israel Bible" was written by orthodox rabbis and scholars and includes historical commentary.


“Faith: A Journey For All” by Jimmy Carter

In this powerful reflection, President Jimmy Carter contemplates how faith has sustained him in happiness and disappointment. He considers how we may find it in our own lives.

All his life, President Carter has been a courageous exemplar of faith. Now he shares the lessons he learned. As President Carter examines faith’s many meanings, he describes how to accept it, live it, how to doubt and find faith again.

A serious and moving reflection from one of America’s most admired and respected citizens.