What is the name of Hagrid’s three-headed dog? Good question.

The lights at World of Beer dimmed and the Harry Potter theme music blared through the speakers on Wednesday night. There was a palpable feeling of magic in the air as Harry Potter trivia night was about to begin.

The restaurant was so crowded with Harry Potter fans that not one chair, table, or bar stool was available. Some people were standing between tables waiting for the live trivia game to start.

“We’re really big Harry Potter fans," said Keighty Anthony, who wore a Hogwarts uniform and carried a stuffed owl. “We don’t really need a reason to dress up, but we’ll take it.”

Anthony and her friend, Adrienne Butcher, found the trivia event on Facebook and decided to don their costumes, drink some butterbeer, and test their Harry Potter prowess.

World of Beer gave out free non-alcoholic butterbeer for those who dressed up in costume and also provided four more themed alcoholic drink selections to choose from, including “Lumos,” a blend of two light beers, and “Expecto Patronum,” a white wheat beer with a Guinness float.

Greg Vestal, the trivia emcee from FL Panhandle Trivia, said that the crowd at World of Beer was the biggest he’s seen in a long time.

“I’ve never, ever seen this big of a crowd. We’ve had 'Star Wars trivia,' we’ve had Marvel; this is going to bypass them all,” Vestal said.

In total, 55 teams signed up under names like “The Team Who Must Not Be Named” and “I Thought This Was Speed Dating.”

The team who got the most Harry Potter questions correct won a Maurauder’s Map canvas painting and a $50 World of Beer gift card, second place won a Marauder’s Map blanket and a $30 gift card, and the third place team won a Niffler stuffed animal and a $20 gift card.

One hardcore “Potterhead” and trivia competitor named James Corkum said that he has read the books “at least 30 times.”

“I’ve won every trivia tournament in Pensacola,” said Corkum. He wore a green Slytherin-themed T-shirt for the occasion. “I’m a big Harry Potter buff.”

World of Beer has already planned another Harry Potter trivia night for Aug. 29.

Oh, and the name of Hagrid’s three-headed dog? Fluffy.