New bungee workout will get your heart rate up

I like to think of myself as an adventurer. I am game to try almost everything when it comes to physical challenges. So, when I heard a bungee workout was coming to Destin Pilates & Aerial Center, I (literally) jumped at the chance to be the first to try it.


Destin Pilates & Aerial Center is a boutique workout center in the City Market shops of Destin. Although it may look small from the outside, the space inside is big enough for a class of about five to 10 people.


As soon as I walked inside Destin Pilates and Aerial Center, I was greeted by owner Susan Dunham and three of her workout buddies, who were eager to get started with our bungee class.

“Love shack, baby. Love shack ...” Upbeat oldies music was pumping inside the center, and my lady workout partners were already stretching on the machines when I arrived for our class.

In addition to the Pilates spring boards, there were three bungee cables hung from the rafters in the center of the open studio.

Dunham explained that Destin Pilates & Aerial Center is the perfect place for the new bungee workout.

“We already have the place set up for aerial silks, so it’s a perfect transition to the bungee workout,” she said. “I’m just really excited to be the first one to have it in the area.”


It didn’t take long to get into the warm-up, as Dunham and the ladies were rearing to go when I walked in the front door.

We began by stretching on the Pilates spring boards. Dunham led us through a few reps to warm up our muscles so we could safely transition to the bungees.

Next, we hit the floor, armed with hand weights and our own miniature trampolines. I thought this part of the workout would be a breeze, but as the music blared and the dance tempo kicked in, my novice opinion started to show as my arms and legs started burning.  

After about 15 minutes on the trampolines, we finally were hooked up to the bungee cables.

I followed the lead of Dunham as she ran and “Superwomaned,” as she called it, into a flying star pose thanks to the bungee resistance.

It was an amazing feeling, flying through the air, however, it lasted only about two seconds before I realized my feet weren’t under me anymore and I was catapulting backward toward the wall at an alarming speed.

I stuck out my arms and pushed off the wall, and after a couple of other failed attempts to get back to my feet, Dunham came to my aid and adjusted my bungee.

Come to find out, my weight-to-bungee ratio was off, but after a quick adjustment, I got into the swing of things.

Never in my life had I had so much fun working out. Jumping, dancing, laughing and making new friends, that’s what bungee workout is all about.


After the bungee routine, we hit the floor again, this time using spring bars along the wall. We did some more Pilates moves and then ended in some yoga stretches to cool down our muscles from our active cardio workout.

The class lasted just over one hour, but I couldn’t believe how fast the hour had gone by. I was having so much fun with the experience that I nearly forgot I was working out.

I felt invigorated and lighthearted after the bungee class, and I sincerely felt Dunham and her workout pals were my new best friends thanks to their laughter and genuine encouragement throughout the whole class. I even got invited to after-class margarita night. Next time, ladies, next time.