It was a smaller turnout than usual, possibly due to the excitement over the royal wedding, but buyers still trickled in to the city's annual community yard sale to purchase items for sale.

The city of Destin hosted its annual community yard sale event Saturday morning at Dewey "Buck" Destin Park.

“It started with our seniors but then we decided to incorporate the whole community,” said city of Destin Senior Coordinator Pat Markey. “Usually we have about 20 vendors but we had a little less than that this year.”

Destin resident Mary Gray set up a table with four antique Crissy dolls from the early 1970s.

“You pull their hair and make it longer. They’re my babies. Some people say they look like Chucky, but they really don’t,” Gray said.

Crissy dolls were popular toys made by the Ideal Toy Company from 1969 to 1974. The main feature of the doll was its adjustable hair length.

The table next to Gray’s had several delicate china plates on display along with other vintage antiques and paintings.

“This is all from my family’s collection and my own collection,” Sweetser said. “I started collecting china when I was about 14. It’s a family tradition.”

Sweetser said his grandmother and great-grandmother collected antiques for years.

“I was brought up going through antique shops in my stroller and I just caught on to it,” said Sweetser, who is related to Destin founding father, John Maltezo.

Don Vokal, who has set up tables at the community yard sale for the past six years, was selling clothing, some with the tags still attached.

“None of this stuff is mine, it’s from a shopaholic lady,” Vokal said referring to his daughter's ex-mother-in-law. “This tracksuit is still in its original packaging and these jeans still have the tag on them.”

Vokal is active in Destin’s senior activities and golfs on most Mondays with the group.

Adrienne McClendon wore a straw hat to ward of the early afternoon’s hot sun. It was her first year selling items at the yard sale.

Her table included “I Love Dogs” mugs in several different colors, gently used designer purses, and veterinarian scrubs.

“This is half of my personal bag collection,” McClendon said. “This one’s Michael Kors, I just got tired of it because I don’t normally wear black purses. I sold a Dooney & Bourke purse this morning that I bought on impulse. It was the first thing I sold this morning.”